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At Invest Academy, experienced professionals will provide you with a straight-forward education that will enable you to manage your own portfolio and become a successful investor.


In 2004, two institutional traders decided to respond to the rising demand for quality introductory curricula for new investors. While short, ineffective and expensive workshops existed, there was a notable absence of practical and affordable education. As a result, we introduced our first course, then called Practical Investing (today known as Introduction to Markets & Practical Investing); where people didn't just learn how to press the right button at the right time, but came to truly understand the financial markets through hands-on experience. As word spread, more and more people heard about the unique curriculum offered to novice investors and the overwhelming demand ultimately led to the foundation of Invest Academy.

In due course, graduates of the program expressed interest in continuing their education with us to attain the next level of mastery in the art of trading. Thus, we slowly added courses such as Technical Analysis & Practical Day Trading, Practical Options Trading & Strategies, Technical Commodities Futures Training. These all became respected courses in the industry, trained personally by professional traders who work on the trading floor for leading Wall Street firms.

Without doing any advertising at all, avoiding the sales pitch atmosphere and marketing schemes, we have continued to grow and have an ever-increasing number of students enrolling, simply by word of mouth. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to the same level of integrity and quality of education as always:

    Maximum of 10 students per class
    We believe that the most effective training is accomplished through personal attention and direct interaction with the instructor during classes.

    Integrated Curriculum
    Unlike other companies that train you to use the software they market, we believe in giving our students a well-rounded understanding of the markets in order to successfully manage their portfolios independently, while using free web-based tools.

    Hands-On Training
    Throughout the program, students are not only trained in a classroom environment, but also experience a professional trading platform and use technical analysis software.

    Reasonable Tuition
    We are dedicated to providing straight-forward education at a reasonable cost and giving the best value to our students without spending money on flashy settings and mass advertising. There are no "add-on" products or sale gimmicks used.

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What courses do we offer?
We offer 5 different courses and training programs. The basic course (Introduction to the Markets & Practical Investing) is the foundation to your financial knowledge, and though we do not require you to take it in order to take our advanced classes, we highly recommend that you start with it.

Our Courses:

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We have spent hundreds of hours creating each course we teach. The charts, case studies and exercises we give to students are all custom-made, designed by our team to teach the student in a professional and organized manner.

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