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John L Kerr

John Kerr has wide-ranging experience in commodities trading. Mr. Kerr began his career in 1981 at Gill and Duffus in Connecticut, focusing on physical grain and sugar trading.

In 1984 Mr. Kerr joined the Global Commodities Trading unit at Merrill Lynch in New York. While at with Merrill Lynch he created and headed the agricultural commodities trading desk. The desk ran proprietary and market-making operations in softs, grains, and oilseeds as well as managing the commodity risk in structured transactions.

Prior to establishing the agricultural commodities desk Mr. Kerr was the senior New York precious metals trader where he oversaw risk management and market-making for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. In addition, Mr. Kerr was the manager of the precious metals global options book. He developed and managed long-dated and multi-currency option positions. While at Merrill Lynch, Mr. Kerr  directed  several workout situations for the firm involving  natural gas futures and options.

In 1998 Mr. Kerr became a Senior Vice President of Refco Group, Ltd., LLC and Co-Manager of the OTC Commodity Derivatives Group where he was responsible for the trading and risk management of all commodity products.

Mr. Kerr was a principal of KOR Capital Management, LLC, a successful CTA focusing on the agricultural markets.

Mr Kerr has provided consulting services to some of the worlds largest agribusinesses as well as small and medium sized food manufacturers and energy service companies.

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